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Cloud Foundations

Having a strong foundation is key for any large building. The same is true for Cloud technology.

Without a solid foundation, it is hard to build scalable and effective systems. The challenge most organizations face when migrating to the Cloud for the first (or second time) is they treat the cloud like a data center, using the same topology, methodology and security policies. This does not take advantage of the Cloud’s benefits.

Over the years, we have created and refined a code first, testable mentality towards Cloud foundations. We build dev, test and production Cloud environments that are consistent and fully automated. We also build the concept of CICD into our foundations, allowing everything from IAM rules to network connectivity to be stored as code for consistent development, testing and production roll-out.

Why it matters

There are four key reasons we put so much emphasis on automated Cloud foundations.

  • It reduces complexity
  • It creates security through clarity
  • It enables fast and frequent changes
  • It makes auditing faster, simpler and continuous

How we approach foundations

We find that most large enterprises spend a short time building their foundation and then years evolving and adding components manually. For example, when a company decides to add a certificate authority to support a strong chain of trust, they have to integrate or retrofit all other components to support this new addition. This results with an environment that no single group of people can understand and changes require a lot of thoughtful planning and testing.

Instead, we take a 100% automation approach with all important elements already baked-in, then follow a full infrastructure as code with a CICD process to add capabilities. This allows incremental changes without significantly increasing complexity.

While we have plenty of templates and boiler plate code, we realized that just a running environment does not create true value. Like business, anything that stands still quickly becomes obsolete. The same is true for Cloud foundations, so it is critical to bring dev ops practices to infrastructure teams. This allows them to continue to build and enhance the foundations as business needs change.

For this reason, we embed ourselves inside your teams to drive the process - both the technical and the people process to create a shared vision and robust foundation:

  • Understand of your current environment
  • Understand your regulatory, security and privacy requirements
  • Understand your business vision and objectives
  • Understand your users and design ideal user experience
  • Design and build foundation automation with automated documentation
  • Layer-in IAM and policies - preventative and enabling controls
  • Layer-in policy and operational auditing with anomaly detecting - detective controls

Lastly, we take a user centric approach - your employees, engineers, developers, administrators, partners, etc. We optimize for their needs and their experiences to ensure your environment is robust, powerful yet easy to use, maintain and extend.

Cloud Foundations in Action

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