What We Do

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security services help customers navigate the transition from traditional on-premise environments to the cloud securely, with confidence and minimum risk.

We provide services designed to assess cloud architectures, optimize cloud configurations and align to industry best practices and benchmarks.

Our Cloud Security approach has five guiding principles:
Educate, Automate, Operate, Monitor, Iterate.


Embed security into the design and create a collaborative culture, with “security enabling transformation” as a mindset.


Automate the SDLC with security in every step along the journey.


Ensure excellence in operating security controls. Real world experience combined with industry best practices and emerging threats.


Adapt a risk based approach to code review, application testing and monitoring.


Strive for continuous security improvements through achievable iterations.

Why it matters

There are four key reasons we put so much emphasis on Cloud Security:

  • Protecting our customers’ brand and reputation
  • Minimizing financial loss
  • Ensuring our customers’ data security and privacy
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance

Cloud Security in Action

Multinational Investment Bank & Financial Services Company

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