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Developer Platforms

A good platform enables your developers to deliver high quality software that meets your business needs.

Providing a platform that allows developers to use their creativity to build products and services is critical in a modern, software first world. Sadly, too often it feels like companies are built to say no to developers - no you can't use that technology, no you cannot use that IDE plug-in, no you have to first follow this manual request process to get access to a test environment no we don't know where that code is used, no we don't know how many people used that API, etc. This results in lower output, reduced engagement and often higher turnover.

We create tooling that puts developers first, with a relentless focus on enabling them and allowing them to innovate. We include built-in governance and centralized control that is often viewed as a benefit by developers. For example, following in IDE suggestions allows for streamlined approvals (if even needed) to push to production all while exceeding regulatory, privacy and security industry leading practices.

We formed our opinions during our time at Google and have since codified and created platforms at companies that increase productivity and engagement for hundreds and thousands of engineers.

Key components:

  • Single source of truth with tooling to maintain fast development
  • IDE integration, including web based IDE
  • Robust data gathering and reporting

Single source of truth

At the heart of this platform is maintaining a single source of truth. Instead of having each team create their own source code repository for each of their components, we build a monorepo which allows each team to store their code in folders of one repository along with tools to automate the migration from individual repositories. This allows a centralized view of all code that is always on version latest. No more guessing where code is located or which version, which branch, which server, etc. We also develop tools that allow each team to run independently and still feel like they are running in their own, lightweight repository.

Robust IDE integration and availability

Developers live in IDEs, so the more insights you can give within their IDE, the more productive they become. We integrate into software supply chain tools to provide insight, recommendations and suggestions such as automatic detection and warnings of security vulnerabilities in included software packages. Furthermore, we also provide an online web- based IDE built around VS Code and IntelliJ allowing developers to work from anywhere, from any device all while maintaining strong control over source code that never leaves your highly secure environment.

Data gathering and reporting

Data gathering and reporting on the platform allows you to understand how people are using the system and early detection on engagement and culture signals. For example, an understanding of how teams are collaborating and how it is changing over time.

Together these tools allow us to create a platform that allows developers to excel at your company which allows you to attract and retain the best talent, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Why it matters

There are four key reasons we put so much emphasis on developer platforms:

  • It accelerates developer onboarding from weeks to hours
  • It increases employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity
  • It minimizes rework by making invisible bugs and challenges visible
  • It enables fast and frequent changes while mitigating risks

Developer Platforms in Action

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