What We Do

Hybrid Cloud Migration

Our Hybrid Cloud Migration services help customers move to the Cloud and confidently operate in hybrid models.

We assess Cloud architectures, provide expert consulting and create designs to ensure customers understand, choose and implement the most suitable migration strategy.

We’ll support you through every stage of the process, leveraging our expertise and core services to ensure success in design, planning and execution. Our team is experienced in all major public and private Cloud deployments, from small scale to large, complex enterprise migrations.

Our Hybrid Cloud Migration approach has three key benefits:

  • Enables assured, controlled migration with minimal security, cost or performance risks.
  • Delivered by highly experienced Cloud solution architects.
  • Options to extend and tailor the service using our portfolio of ‘add-ons’.

Why it matters

There are five key reasons why we put so much emphasis on Hybrid Cloud Migration.

  • Depth of capability - we have the required experience and skills to make successful Cloud adaptation a smooth journey.
  • Innovation - We encourage early adoption of emerging technologies and offer the guidance and support needed for successful implementation.
  • Vision - We support clients in actualizing their future vision, helping them see further thanks to our real-world implementation experience.
  • Relationship investment - We nurture long term relationships, supporting clients when they face challenges, while also helping them maximize opportunities.
  • Partnership - We partner with Google Cloud and AWS to drive feature requests and ensure faster issue resolution.

Hybrid Cloud Migration in Action

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