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User Experience

UX is how people feel when interacting with objects and products in their daily lives.

It could be a tactile, physical experience – a train journey or handling their mobile phone – or it could be a screen-based digital interaction, such as checking their social media on the same phone, while on that train journey.

User Experience Design is the study of the needs and feelings those people experience during that interplay and how to use design to make it easier, faster or more enjoyable.

We focus on three main aspects – people, feelings, and behavior; this defines what we do as a much deeper, considered approach than simple User Interface (UI) design. Where UI is technical, UX is emotive and therefore connects and engages at a more meaningful, memorable level.

Why it matters

There are four key reasons we put so much emphasis on UX:

  • It adds value
  • It creates closer connections with users
  • It contributes to performance metrics
  • It solves problems

Businesses that spend only 10% of their budget on usability improvements see, on average, a 135% increase in their desired metrics

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The user-centered mindset

Using our experience and expertise, we have developed a user-centred approach when engaging on projects. We begin with an initial discovery period to frame the project and understand it at a high level. We then dive deeper into problems before taking focused, informed action. Our designs are then continually measured against successful performance indicators to validate and further optimize the solution.

While this approach provides us a great framework for working through a project, it is not set in stone. It is continually adapted and evolved, reflecting the various challenges we face and the products we design to meet them.

User Experience in Action

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